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A while ago, I interviewed my readers for a change, and my final question was, “What question have I NOT asked at BTT that you’d love me to ask?” I got some great responses and will be picking out some of the questions from time to time to ask the rest of you. Like now.

Ted and Sarah both asked similar questions about relating to characters:

Ted asks:

Are there any fictional characters whom you have emulated (or tried to)? Who and why?

Bookish Sarah asks an interesting assortment of questions:

What literary character do you feel is most like you personality-wise (explain)?

Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so people don’t have to go searching for it) in the comments—or if you prefer, leave your answers in the comments themselves!

40 responses

  1. realmsofanopenmind

    Thought-provoking questions.. 🙂

    Here’s mine: Realms of an Open Mind

    Happy Reading!

    ~ Keely ~

  2. I hit enter before saying anything: This weeks questions were (as always) thought provoking and interesting! Every week this site manages to get my brain kicked into gear at an early hour. (above, as Soon Remembered Tales) is the link to my answered questions!

  3. Here’s mine!

  4. Here is my answer this week at Aquatique. Another difficult one. Have a good week everyone.

  5. These are difficult questions but I think we answered them ok. Also our first time participating!

  6. Interesting question…Here’s mine.

  7. As a youngster I always tried to emulate the latest hero I was reading about and it didn’t matter if they were elf, dragon rider or human. Nowadays I am satisfied being me but once I’m back in a book there’s usually someone I’m desperately identifying with.

    I can’t say I’ve ever felt there was someone I was really like. Pity – there are plenty I wish I was like! Perhaps the nearest is Professor John Keating in “Dead Poet’s Society” by Nancy Kleinbaum (1989) – as played by Robin Williams in the film. I tried very hard to inspire those I worked with; often succeeded and sometimes fell foul of bureaucracy.

  8. always great questions and I love the responses….one and all!

  9. thanks for all the great responses…here is mine

  10. No characters I’m like. Just characters I wish I were like.

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