meme n (mëm): A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another. From the Greek mimëma, something imitated, from mimeisthai, to imitate.

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  1. Are you still taking new memebers? If so I would like to join.


  2. I want to be a part of this!
    Please tell me, how do I leave a link?

    my emails are:

    Thank you for your help.

  3. princesshoney

    How do I join? I would love to!

  4. Would love to join. How do I do this? Would I be allowed to answer this week’s question?

  5. My comments failed to load on most of the weekly questions. Need help, please..

  6. i was needing to email you but couldnt find one. If you could email me at


    that would be great. I need to talk to you about upcoming questions. Thanks


  7. Hi Deb,

    My issue is as the same as above–I was looking for your email but couldn’t find it. I think your site is awesome and wanted to see if your blog and my blog (Lit Drift–http://www.litdrift.com) could get together on some sort of book-ish project. My email’s julia@litdrift.com. Thanks!


  8. i have a suggestion for a BTT question but also couldn’t find an email contact. can you get in touch: chasidar@gmail.com

  9. Could I join? I would love to. Do I just start posting every Thrusday and just leave a link in the comments, or what?

  10. Yes, that’s exactly what you do–the “instructions” are spelled out in the sidebar, and everyone is welcome!

  11. hi would like to join the update group email is attached to this post


  12. i have a suggestion for a question but the comments thread is closed. where can i leave it?

  13. Question suggestion: Does knowing that there is a sequel to a book change how you read the first book?

  14. […] meme we’re borrowing from here!  Every week on Thursday a book-centric question is asked, and anyone can answer!  Today’s […]

  15. […] meme we’re borrowing from here!  Every week on Thursday a book-centric question is asked, and anyone can answer!  Today’s […]

  16. Hi! I posted my answer on my blog but how do I comment on your site? 🙂

  17. Hi there! Is this still an active meme? I’m updating the book blog meme directory on my site, and need to know whether to keep this one listed. (Sorry for leaving the question here in the comments – couldn’t find contact info.)

  18. Yep, still active!

  19. Are you still doing this, this year?

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