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So … you’re halfway through a book and you’re hating it. It’s boring. It’s trite. It’s badly written. But … you’ve invested all this time to reading the first half.

What do you do? Read the second half? Just to finish out the story? Find out what happens?

Or, cut your losses and dump the second half?

Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so people don’t have to go searching for it) in the comments—or if you prefer, leave your answers in the comments themselves!

(A post inspired by the fact that it’s my half-birthday … I’m not the only person who remembers celebrating these when I was a kid, am I?)

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  1. I remember giving my age as 6½ or whatever, but I don’t think I ever paid any attention to the actual halfyear-date! 😉

    About the boring books, here’s my answer:

  2. Been away for quite sometime now, but I’m back 🙂

    here’s my post (this week and last week)

  3. Been away for quite sometime now, but I’m back 🙂

    here’s my post (this week and last week )

  4. How timely! I’m half-way through The English Patient and I hate it. I’ve been agonizing about whether I should finish. I have to remember the concept of sunk costs from Economics 101 … even though I’ve already invested time and energy in the first half doesn’t mean I should waste any more time and energy reading the second half!

  5. Hey! I like half-birthdays! ;o)
    So happy half-birthday!

    My answers are up:

    I hope you’ll find the time to hop over and leave a comment.
    Luv, Sonny

  6. One of my favorite topics! I’ll be interested to see all the answers today. Here’s mine:


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  8. It depends…

    Feel free to stop by and have a read…I’ll check out as many as I can too!

  9. Great question–a timely one for me, as you’ll see…

    ~*Happy Half-Birthday!!*~



  10. Great question this week. You can find my answer here

  11. I answered this over at my third blog, Rocks and Reads. But click over to the Meet and Greet for some special, pre-Mother’s Day fiction of my own, as well!


  12. I wish I could stop finishing bad books, but I so often push through to the end!

  13. Oh! also Happy Half Birthday!

  14. My answer: http://shouldbereading.wordpress.com/2010/05/06/btt-half/

    PS… Happy Half-Birthday! 😀


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  16. This is an AWESOME question! My answer, and example, is at The Crowded Leaf.

  17. There are two books I’ve tried reading multiple times and never got through them. Read about them here:


  18. Oh, and I always remembered my half-birthday because it was on my parents’ wedding anniversary. =)

  19. Oh and happy Half Birthday – I always remember mine too 🙂

  20. Happy half birthday!

    Here’s my response to this week’s question: http://www.rulethewaves.net/blog/?p=1431

  21. My post is up. Happy BTT everyone!

  22. I’ve never heard of celebrating half birthdays, but if you get a present, I’m all for it!

    Here’s my BTT http://www.readingatthebeach.com/2010/05/btt.html

  23. I needed this question this week – Thanks! My answer here

  24. Happy 1/2! I have three God-daughters and 4 step grandchildren and I celebrate with them their 1/2 birthdays. They love it. My adult God-daughters will remind me weeks beforehand, in case I may forget.

    Here’s my brief answer to the half question. Have a good weekend!

  25. I hadn’t really thought this out properly before. My post is here.

  26. I’m going to go figure my half birthday right now so I can celebrate.

    Happy half to you!

    Here is my answer on Rose City Reader.

  27. No time for a full post today, but I’d have to say when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. I’m getting to old to finish every book I start if it’s not grabbing me!

  28. Happy half-birthday. And here’s mine.

  29. Of course. You can read my full answer here.

  30. I’ve posted a rather lengthy reply at http://reading.elsi123.net/2010/05/btt-half.html The essence of it is that after struggling all the way through a novel that I hated—read the blog post to find out which one—I was wishing I could get all of those hours back. I felt I had been robbed of my time. Since then, I’m much more willing to abandon a book mid-way.

  31. Static8: Half
    … yep, I keep reading! 🙂

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  33. I used to feel compelled to finish ~ but no longer! While I l-o-v-e to read, this incarnation [life] is too short to waste my time: so once I’ve re-confirmed my high impatience level, I then skim ahead, then do the verboten…I read the ending, gasp! Who knows: every now and then, my interest is renewed enough so that I return to actually reading such a book ~ with varying results…

    Caveat lector: if I really DO like a book but am “merely” all afire to learn what happens (does Seth/a the Beloved reeeeeally die? was it Murphy who killed the plumber in the kitchen with a coffeemaker? etc.), caught up in the suspense, or otherwise champing at the bit, I resist ~ ~ ~ for I HAVE LEARNED: a wonderful book will be spoiled, in some small measure but nonetheless, by my skipping ahead! I can return to where I left off and read faithfully all the way through, but it is just not the same now that I know the ending. I am sadder but wiser now…

    Thanks for the opp to share my thoughts, hence my recognizing what I think about this! :^}}

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  35. […] before I saw this week’s Booking Through Thursday topic, I was planning on writing about this […]

  36. I’m so sorry that I missed that question ! I was too busy to check my RSS feed. Oh well, I can answer here.

    If I read a book and I don’t like it, even if I’m at half of it or near the end, I don’t finish it. Life is too short to feel obligated to finish a book or to feel guilty about it. I don’t like it, I close it and I return it (or sell it if I bought it).

    With that book closed, I can concentrate on another book that I hope will be better !

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