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I’m guessing most of you like reading (or why would you be here), how do you feel about audio books?

For me, “reading” means using my eyes, not my ears. As much as I acknowledge their usefulness while doing chores or using your hands, I only ever use audiobooks for the rare long drive–listening, no matter how pleasant, is not READING, yet people persist in telling me they like to read and that audio books are their favorites. Am I the only one to feel that’s just not the same thing?

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  1. I think audio books Is not reading it. And I don’t know how can anyone listen a book? I mean you have to read first. And there is no good alternative of reading with ‘eyes’.

  2. I love audiobooks but I agree that reading and listen are different experiences:

  3. I prefer print books generally, but I have come to enjoy audiobooks as well, initially to make driving time more bearable. But I have found they are especially good for longer classics – I can enjoy a book listening to it that I would probably never make the time for in print just because I wouldn’t want the sheer length to monopolize my reading for so long. I discuss other advantages, disadvantages, and considerations here:

  4. Having problems with my neck and on top of that floaters in my eyes, I have learned to read a lot “by ear” as in audio books. Listening means a different kind of concentration, and the major disadvantage of more difficulties to go back and check details etc. But I do definitely count it as reading. With some books, a really good narration can even enhance the experience. What I like best of all, though, is when I have access to both the printed text AND an audio version and can choose between them as I please. Here’s a link to a post on my blog from a few months ago:

  5. Good question! I like audiobooks, but I do not consider reading them when listening:

  6. Here’s my answer:

    I love audiobooks and the literacy skills they build.

  7. No, Deb, you’re not alone. I have never been able to get into audiobooks, although I do enjoy podcasts.

    More here:

  8. The Disobedient Author

    I think audiobooks are great for children and adults alike but I do not consider listening to them to be reading, any more than I would consider listening to a radio play to be the same as watching actors in a theatre.

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