Cover Story Part 2

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The flip side of last week’s …

Are there any good books that you read IN SPITE OF the cover and ended up wondering what on earth the artist and publisher were thinking to pair up a cover that so badly represented a perfectly good book?

And … if you didn’t like the cover, what made you pick up the book? The author? Assigned reading from school? A recommendation from a friend?

Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so people don’t have to go searching for it) in the comments—or if you prefer, leave your answers in the comments themselves!

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  1. I think I answered that question too in the second part of my BTT post from last week:

  2. Michelle McCartney

    I can’t remember the covers of two books I read by the same author. I read them because I stumbled upon them on some internet site . The recommendation was so strong I felt I was ‘guided’ to get them. They are Rohington Mistry’s
    ‘ A Fine Balance’ and’ Family Matters’. I can say with a hand on my heart that these two books will stay with me forever and I thank Mr. Mistry for writing them.
    The prompt to read them……………..mush like this one………………the passion of some unseen reader laying a seed. I can’t in the remotest way remember the covers, as they were library issue, but I can remember the characters like they are as real as my own loved ones.

  3. This one was harder than I thought it would be, but here’s my answer

  4. What fun! My full answer is posted on my blog.

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