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  • Series? Or Stand-alone books?

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  1. Yes. 🙂 I like both. (Just answering here rather than on blog today as that’s about all I have to say.)

  2. My post’s up. Essentially…it doesn’t matter to me with books–whether it’s standalone or part of a series is not a conscious factor for me (though I’m sure there’s more weight given to continue with books in a series than to try something new, especially if I come in late and there are multiple books presently unread for a series I’ve started into).

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  4. This got longer than planned. You find it a Mostraum viewpoint

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  6. Great question! =)

    Comments and follows will happily returned!

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  8. […] Booking Through Thursday asks: Series? Or Stand-alone books? […]

  9. Stand-alone! I think book series can easily become a quick cash-in for the writer.

  10. I like both, but wrote my response all about the series that I have read from childhood on.

  11. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s a good read.
    My complete answer is posted.

  12. There are definitely ups and downs of both. Click on the link to read my response and learn more:


  13. I am rather late weighing in on this discussion but here’s mine.

  14. General fiction: stand-alone.
    Genre fiction: series.

    Gory details: here:

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  16. I love both, but I’m not a fan of James Patterson-esque series, for example. If it’s a series, I want it to be a personal story.

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  18. Late! But here it is — http://boyett-brinkley.

  19. Series, if all of Dickens and all of Austen will count.

  20. Forget my last one. I messed up and wrote here my answer about multi-tasking. Sorry. I’ll put it in the right place.

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