And the winner is…

Picking a winner was mathematically a little tricky, adding in the extra entries for tweets and blog posts, but I assigned everyone a number and plugged the total into the handy-dandy random number generator (known to my friend Jenny as “Randy”) … #31 wins!

I tweeted, too:!/My1LittleWorld/status/35821378305265665

So, Traci, come on down and claim your prize!

(Or, well, you know, you could just send me your name and address and Sara will send it to you.)

And, if you didn’t win, don’t forget you can buy your own copy of Sara’s “Learning to Swim” on February 22nd. In fact, I recommend it! I know I can’t wait for my own copy to arrive.

Sara, thanks for the prize copy of your book! You’re talented AND generous, a lovely combination.

And thank you all so much for playing. Now, hie you to your nearest bookstore-slash-website and get yourself a copy. (No, really. What are you waiting for?)

4 responses

  1. Hi, Traci – I emailed you, but perhaps it went into your spam basket. Please send me your mailing address, if you want a hardcover copy, and let me know if you’d like the book personalized or just signed. Or, if you’d prefer a Kindle, let me know the email address to use to send that. Thanks to everyone for playing!

  2. PS Of course I meant a Kindle version of LEARNING TO SWIM – no, I don’t have Kindles to pass out! But you knew that.

  3. Woo Hoo! Thank you so much! The email probably did go in my spam folder…overzealous Gmail and all. I’ll email you straight away!

  4. It’s hard to leave an email saying “You won” without sounding like spam! – but I am at SaraJHenry (at) gmail myself – if I get the info the book will go out Saturday – otherwise it will have to wait over a week as I’ll be on the road!

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