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Do signed copies excite you? Tempt you? Delight you? Or does it not matter to you?

Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so people don’t have to go searching for it) in the comments—or if you prefer, leave your answers in the comments themselves!


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  1. The copies themselves are worth less to me in comparison to the actual experience of getting them signed. Let me elaborate.

  2. Most of the signed copies that I have come from dear friends who also happen to be the authors. Not only are the books terrific, but having the signature of authors who are friends means a lot. The most treasured is the inscription & signature from Richard Nash on his _Wild Enlightment_. And I have a couple of books that I found with signatures that did seem the find a little more exciting.

    On the other hand, there are very few (if any) current “big name” authors for whom I would be willing to stand in line just to get their autograph. And there are very few authors that I would get excited about finding a signed copy….Dorothy L Sayers would be one. But I doubt I could afford to buy it if I found one.

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  4. Here’s mine. With pictures!!!

  5. Great questions! My answers are here.

  6. A book is a book, signed or not. Full answer is up.

  7. Look, in my world it’s still Thursday until Friday morning…so…um… here. 🙂

  8. A little late in joining, but here is my answer. Cheers!

  9. I love finding signed books unexpectedly. I once got my fiance two Tamora Pierce novels on Bookmooch, and when they arrived we discovered they’d been signed!

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