What is Reading, Fundamentally?

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What is reading, anyway? Novels, comics, graphic novels, manga, e-books, audiobooks — which of these is reading these days? Are they all reading? Only some of them? What are your personal qualifications for something to be “reading” — why? If something isn’t reading, why not? Does it matter? Does it impact your desire to sample a source if you find out a premise you liked the sound of is in a format you don’t consider to be reading? Share your personal definition of reading, and how you came to have that stance.

(Two weeks late for Reading is Fundamental week, but, well…)

Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so people don’t have to go searching for it) in the comments—or if you prefer, leave your answers in the comments themselves!

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  1. Testing, testing….

  2. I still have some things to do before I can go to bed. 😦

    At least I procrastinated and did the question for this week, though. 🙂


  3. Here’s my Here’s my BTT!

  4. It’s a good question, and in the process of answering to it, I suppose I did figure out something about myself. My reply at Mikko reads.

  5. Literacy is my passion . . . Guess that’s why I enjoy this!

  6. I used to be a real reading snob, reading had to be proper books (non of the chick lit stuff) or broadsheet newspapers. Then I started teaching which got me into kids books and also made me think about what reading really is. Personally I now say to parents who are struggling to get their kids to read that it doesn’t matter what it is so long as they are reading: it could be comics, non-fiction, celebrity biography’s, magazines or web-pages. Not everyone enjoys novels and the world can’t all be the same. I think that it is the pressure and force to read books that actually puts a lot of people off as kids, for some people reading a huge passage is torture but a graphic novel could be entertaining.

  7. Interesting. Here is both my answer and a link to my super-fantastic giveaway:


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  10. Mine is up! Thanks for a great question.

  11. What a great question! I’m not sure my answer is coherent, but I had a try at it.


  12. Great question! Here’s my answer:

    BTT: What is reading?

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  14. Mine is up. Happy BTT everyone. 🙂

  15. Click on my name and it takes you to this weeks comment. Very interesting question

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  17. Wow, what a lot of interesting responses! For what it’s worth, here’s mine: http://the-ravelld-sleave.blogspot.com/2008/05/what-is-reading-fundamentally.html

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  19. better late than never :-)! Interesting question.

    Have a great weekend!

  20. Sorry I’m late. To read my response please go to hppt://www.charliandme.blogspot.com/

  21. Sorry I’m late. You can read my response at : http://charliandme.blogspot.com/

  22. crazycrashink

    I rambled a bit… and I am at work so my thoughts could be jumbled 🙂 Very interesting question!

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