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Books and films both tell stories, but what we want from a book can be different from what we want from a movie. Is this true for you? If so, what’s the difference between a book and a movie?

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  1. It’s a rainy Thursday where I am. Still high on watching the American Idol results finale. Hope you’re all having a great day!

    Here’s my answer ^_^

  2. I love this question. It’s one I’ve thought about a lot recently. Here’s my post

  3. Interesting question! Here’s mine.

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  5. Here’s mine: Books vs Movies. In short: I find movies better for emotions, books better for intellectual detail.

  6. Good question this week. I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s responses. Here’s mine (and a link to my newest short story… I hope everyone enjoys it):

  7. Intriguing question. My response is here:

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  8. Mine is up! I am off to work and can’t wait to get home to read the other posts! I might be missing a great book!

  9. Great question! =) Mine turned into a bit of a ramble

  10. If you would like to read my response please go to I hope everyone has a great week.

  11. Fantastic question this week BTT!!!! Thanks for the opportunity this site offers.
    Planet Books has spoken!!!

  12. I posted my response HERE

  13. Here’s mine, with an awesome quote to wrap it up. 😀

  14. I agree – great question! Visit us at the nook for my answer!

  15. thanks for answering my question everyone! i put a mr. linky on my post so you can add your links to my site:

  16. This is my first time doing this. 🙂 My answer is here:

  17. My answer

    I liked this question a lot!

  18. This was a good question. My answer is here. At the end of my post is a link to the huge contest I’m running, so check it out.

  19. Mine is up:

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  20. Just finished posting mine.
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    Books Vs Movies,

  21. Another great question – I luv this meme!

    My answer for this week:

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  22. For me what I want from both books and films relies completely on my mood at that time. Sometimes I’m looking for something quick, easy and grabbing – A Jodie Picoult novel or a cheesy or comedy film. Other times I want things which will make me think – like a book about another country or religion, or a film depicting a life very different from the one I lead. With books I’m often looking for stunning language and depictions of scenes and characters, I also enjoy this in film it isn’t what draws me to a film.

    I would say that with films I’m more likely to accept cheese, romance and comedy because films are quick and instantaneous, I don’t mind spending a few hours on something like this. As reading takes longer I tend tend to see these lighter things as something that I use to read alongside some big and/or serious book, or as a break between serious books.

  23. Mine’s here
    Interesting topic this week. Thankyou for organising .

  24. Mine is up. Happy BTT everyone! 🙂

  25. Hi everyone. This is my first BTT post!

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  26. Not sure why it didn’t post the first time but I’ve got mine up!
    Books vs Movies

  27. My Answer

    Lots to say about that. I’m afraid I couldn’t even express myself completely!

  28. bookroomreviews

    What a great question. I am also doing a weekly book into movie post so check out this weeks book!

  29. Hi, click on my name to see what my 20 thoughts on books and movies were!

  30. My first time here, great question!

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  32. Late, as usual, but here’s my answer:

    BTT: Books vs Movies

  33. Finally up. It is still Thursday here, but this one took some thinking. Bon appétit!

  34. Here’s mine. Have a great weekend, everyone!

  35. Hey there, here is mine!

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  37. I want very different things from movies and books. In movies, I prefer to see images and have a lot of action show me what’s going on. There’s usually not a lot of time for character development, anyway. In books, I like to get to know characters and have them really develop. I don’t like being “shown” too many things…I like to use my imagination. Whenever there is a book that has been turned into a movie, I have always preferred the book.

  38. Hello. I think you are eactly thinking like Sukrat. I really loved the post.

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