OT: Match it for Pratchett

Here’s a slightly off-topic announcement for you. I know how much you all love to read, and that many of you love sci-fi and fantasy books as well. Well, Terry Pratchett (author of the Discworld books) recently came forward with the announcement that he has Alzheimer’s. He’s donated approximately a million dollars to Alzheimer’s research and his fans are trying to match that. They’ve only been collecting for something like four days and are up to about $70,00 (35,000 British pounds) … So!

I have a special hatred of Alzheimer’s, since it’s what (finally) killed my grandfather back in 1967, before they really knew what Alzheimer’s was. My grandmother took care of him until the end–and she luckily had great neighbors and relatives who helped out–but it was enormously difficult. On the rare occasions Dad mentions it, he’ll say that my grandfather almost took her with him, it was so incredibly hard. So, yes, I’m definitely supporting this one, for the grandfather I never got a chance to know.

You can donate to the Match it for Pratchett site or to the Alzheimer’s Research Trust directly. Oh, and there are t-shirts, too. Whether you ever read the man’s books or not, it’s a good cause, folks. Or even just promote it on your own blog to spread the word. Do you know that they’re predicting that 18% of all baby boomers will develop this disease? That’s one in five people out of an entire generation. Talk about scary. Match it for Pratchett!

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  1. Thanks for bringing this topic to light!

  2. I just posted this on my blog. Thanks

  3. I’m posting about this on my book blog right now. Thank you for bringing this to everyone’s attention. 🙂

  4. How sad for this great author to suffer from such a terrible disease. I’ll definitely go and donate some money to this cause and I’ll put this up on my blog as well. Thanks for letting us know about it.

  5. Really sad story about your grandfather. I am sure it will touch many people when so many families are affected. Have already posted about Terry’s donation and I am pleased to find out about the fans campaign here. Will post again with a link. Thanks again.

  6. Thanks for putting this up (though I’m a little late in learning about it). Having any kind of illness is a sad thing, but doing things to help others who have it is a good thing. Will re-post this in my blog.

  7. I’m glad they caught his very early on. My Nonna died from Alzheimer’s, very slowly. I want to get a Ph.D in psychology and explore its connections to abuse and dissociation; I have some theories about how repressing memories of trauma can affect the brain in ways that lead to Alzheimer’s….

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