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Okay, even I can’t read ALL the time, so I’m guessing that you folks might voluntarily shut the covers from time to time as well… What else do you do with your leisure to pass the time? Walk the dog? Knit? Run marathons? Construct grandfather clocks? Collect eggshells?

Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so people don’t have to go searching for it) in the comments—or if you prefer, leave your answers in the comments themselves!

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  1. I love this question. Yes, we have lives outside our books ahaha. I love to draw, among other things. You can read it in full here. Happy BTT!

  2. Sorry. I couldn’t hear the question over the clicking of my knitting needles…

  3. Fun question! My answer is here.

    Happy BTT, everybody! 😀

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  5. I am yet to complete a book in February. It is already a week gone. This post is very timely for me.

    Booking through relaxation

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  7. I’m new here and I love this idea! I hope to join you every Thursday… My answer is here: http://lostinagoodstory.blogspot.com/2008/02/but-enough-about-books.html

    (I couldn’t figure out how to add the link…)

  8. I’m early today because it’s a public holiday here. Here’s mine. Happy BTT!

  9. heyy! well, I watch movies! I’ve been watching quite a few lately. anyway, just click on my name for a direct link to my post 🙂 see ya!

  10. heya! ok I tried posting a comment I’m not sure it got through. so i’ll try again.

    I watch movies! haha. click on my name for a direct link to my post about that! see ya! 🙂

  11. Walk the Dog, Annoy the Cats, Knit, Collect Buttons and Dream of Far Away Places!

  12. Hi Everyone (and Deb!) – I hope you have a good Thursday! I will check on everyone blog tomorrow, I’m just tired right now…see ya in morning 🙂

    Here Mine!

    Julia – Yen

  13. Mine is up here: http://justaddbooks.blogspot.com/
    There are photos, if you’re on a slow connection. 🙂

  14. Mine is up! Great question!

  15. I drink wine. 🙂

    I’ve been getting into making wine.

    Also, I’m a big electronic music geek, so I play around with synthesizers.

  16. I’ve been wondering what this Booking Through Thursday was. Too fun! My answer can be found here:



  17. I really did think this would be an interesting question–we’ve got so many people here who love to read, but it’s like an intersection on many, different roads. I wanted to see what other directions we travel when we’re not “together.”

    Obviously, Knitting City is a popular destination….

  18. Play Nintendo DS! (No I’m not 12, I’m 37!)

  19. My other past-times are here.

  20. Hello Mine is up Here
    Happy Thursday everyone!

  21. Rather on the late side today, but at least I made it!

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  23. Mine is up, here.

    Happy Reading!

  24. I just found Booking Through Thursday and I love it! My answer is here: http://ilivedonrum.blogspot.com/2008/02/booking-through-thursday.html

    I’m not really sure how to make it into a pretty link instead of just a long site address…boo…

  25. I’m running a little late today — hope I haven’t missed out. 🙂

    My answer is here:

  26. Here’s mine

    While you’re there, I invite people to participate in my Great Wednesday Compare.

  27. First time here, so naturally this week’s BTT isn’t about books, lol. Here are my answers.

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  29. Great question – and a popular one, too, since it’s gotten nearly 70 responses to far! Here’s what I do.

    Happy Thursday, and have a great weekend, y’all!

  30. Here is my answer for this week. Happy BTT. 🙂

  31. Hi! My answer’s here : http://theliterarydetective.blogspot.com/
    And the one for last week too, sorry for being late

  32. Well considering I work for the world’s leading provider of satellite entertainment TV runs a very close 2nd in our house. Our DVRs (upstairs and down) are always working overtime. We record 99% of what we watch and skip commericals. DVRs are a wonderful invention. I’m sure I’d watch a LOT less if we didn’t have them. The hubby doesn’t help either considering he’s TV junkie, said with loving affection.

    I haven’t picked up a cross stitch project in over 2 years because the children (read: cats) get their noses out of joint when mom’s lap is suddenly unavailable. It’s been staked out as their private domain and they even have a hierarchy as to who sits where. Doesn’t everyone know it’s much easier to hold your book in a position that doesn’t bother the furry lap rug then to try and read patterns and poke tiny needles in even tinier holes.


  33. K. Mine’s up! Great topic!

  34. Wow–LOTS of responses to this one so far! And, you know, ironically, this question has been sitting in my list of draft-questions, waiting their turn, since before I moved this over from Blogger last summer.

    Clearly, I should have asked this question months ago!

  35. I had to reclaim my blog, but here ya go.

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  37. It really is still Thursday where I am!

  38. I wish I read more, but I’m an avid crocheter, among other things: my response.

  39. Late but I finally posted!

  40. Yay–we hit 100!!

  41. Hi! I’m new to the BTT site, and I know I’m very late for this one. But here’s my response:

  42. I write. If I’m not writing, I grade papers (I’m an English instructor) and if I’m not grading, I knit or crochet. If I don’t do these, I’m eating far too much chocolate!

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