Location, Location, Location

Do you like to keep your books nearby? Do you collect them? Pile, stack, shelve, hoard them? Or do you get rid of them, send them back to the library, give them away, once you’ve read them?

If you want, highlight the stuff in the box, then copy it to your blog.


11 responses

  1. Mine’s up here. šŸ™‚

    Happy Thursday!

  2. Mine’s up elsewhere. šŸ˜‰

  3. I’m up at Sweet Memes.

    Have a good ‘un.

  4. My answers are posted here.

    Feel free to check out the rest of my Stray Thoughts blog, or my Book Notes blog (click on the tab at the top of Stray Thoughts).

  5. Mine’s done. You can view it here.

  6. Answers are up here

  7. A day late (and a dollar short) but my answers are up here

  8. Great questions! I’ve got books all over the place, mostly boxed up. Read more about it here: static8, Booking Location

    Thanks for a super meme!

  9. A day late, but mine’s here

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