Vacation reading

  1. How many books do you usually take with you on vacation? Too many? Too few? Do you still have room to pack clothes?
  2. What kind of books do you read on vacation?
  3. Do you read the same kind of books when you’re on vacation as when you’re at home?

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  1. Hey hey. I finally remembered what day of the week it is in time to write a BTT post. It’s up now.

  2. I’m up.

  3. Mine is up on TNT

  4. Mine is up.

    How about “the last three books you purchased, and why?” and/or “the last three books you checked out from the public library, and why?” Can be separate questions, can be repeated every few months, as they are almost certainly likely to be answered differently each time!

    And maybe an “illustrated” one — the most beautiful book you own?

  5. Okay, mine’s up!

  6. Mine’s done! But how depressing – I need a holiday 😉

    I like the illustrated book suggestion Jeanne

  7. I’m new and I just put mine up – actually I picked three to kinda catch up. 🙂 I love this idea – how about one about science fiction – not dimestore paperbacks but the good stuff – I just don’t want you to stop doing these – I think it is a great idea!

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    Looking forward to meeting you all!!

  8. This is my first time and it’s fun.
    I’m up, though a little late I think?

  9. I’m a day late but mine in up.

  10. I put mine up this morning, then forgot to comment here.

    I’d like to second Jeanne’s suggestions, especially the “most beautiful book” idea.

    I’ll do some thinking and get some suggestions in. I would hate to see this meme disappear.

    Here’s one for now: Are there any authors you are collecting? Why them? Have you managed to get all their books? Have you actually read all the collection? If not, why not?


  11. I have just found this through Nicki’s site and I have posted on my site

  12. I forgot to answer! LOL Done now. Finally. LOL

  13. I posted answers at

    Good questions. Made me smile.

  14. my answers to some of these questions will be posted throughout next week on

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