An introduction to genres

I thought for this first question I’d start with something fairly basic…

I once knew a man who read about WWII. He read everything he could get his hands on on the subject. He had a whole wall of books that were all about WWII. It amazed me. How could he continue to find one subject that engrossing? My mother, on the other hand, loves to read best sellers. I’ve known other people who read science fiction to the exclusion of everything else; for others it was philosophy, self-help, or history.

So, to the questions…

  1. What kind of books do you like to read?
  2. Why? Provide specific examples.

I moved my response to this question to my regular blog. If you want to see it, it’s here.

5 responses

  1. I love Amelia Peabody too. I’ve just got the newie “The Serpent and the crown” from the library today. I have to admit I love listening to them as audiobooks as much as reading them these days. I saw your blog on the rotation stitchers BB. I’d be happy to join in your readers memes.

  2. Isn’t Amelia wonderful? That would be awesome, Cathy! 🙂

  3. I tend to read all over the place. Mysteries, Some romance, Horror, Fantasy. Lately I been on a murder mystery kick. I love Diane Mott Davidsons books about a caterer that ends up always solving the murder. Great recipes are included in the book. Also I love Monica Ferris’s books about Betsy and her needlework shop. She always seems to be the one to figure out the murder too. What with dectives takes a caterer and a needleworker to do there jobs. I also like James Patterson.

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  5. I’ve only just recently came across Booking Through Thursday and after debating about it for a while I decided I was going to start from the very beginning. So you can find my answer to the first ever BTT here.

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