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The Best? January 8, 2009

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It’s a week or two later than you’d expect, and it may be almost a trite question, but … what were your favorite books from 2008?

(It’s an oldie but a goodie question for a reason, after all … because, who can’t use good book suggestions from time to time?)

Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so people don’t have to go searching for it) in the comments—or if you prefer, leave your answers in the comments themselves!

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158 Responses to “The Best?”

  1. YAY!! I loved some books last year, here is the list:

    I also have a list of all the books I read there with links to my reviews….ahh…it was a great year!

  2. As it was already done, hence easy to link it here:

    2008 Top reads

    And now the link for all the books I reviewed:

    2008 review post

  3. Kat Says:

    Happy New Year! I didn’t do last week’s question, but here is mine for today. :)

  4. trish Says:

    If people leave me a comment with their faves, I’ll collect all the responses and post a comprehensive list.

  5. Kat Says:

    Ack, sorry. Wrong URL. Here is my answer for this week, with the right link. :D

  6. Sandra Says:

    Great question, I hadn’t done a specific post on that so now I had to. Here’s mine:

  7. Violet Says:

    Mine’s up too, here :)

  8. Maria Says:

    I did a post on this last week, so here’s the link to that post.

  9. Julia Says:

    Happy Thursday Everyone (Deb) ! I hope you have a good day!

    Here Mine!

  10. Kim Says:

    Happy Thursday! We are almost to the weekend…Hooray!
    Mine is up….

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  12. 2008 was a year of two halves for me. During the first half my reading was entirely focused on completing my degree, but during the 2nd half the onus was very much on novels and fiction. I’ve got to admit to not reading that many books published during 2008, preferring to concentrate on ‘timeless classics’ and ‘best reads’ so I’ve adapted the question slightly to answer it as “the best books I read during 2008″. I hope that’s OK:

  13. Dot Says:

    Here’s mine- I couldn’t decide on just one I’m afraid!!

    Happy New Year everyone!

  14. fleurfisher Says:

    I read some great books last year so here is my top twelve!

  15. Janet Says:

    My top-7 list is here:

    Thanks for asking.

  16. tuesday Says:

    I reaaally enjoyed answering this week’s prompt:

    The Good, the Mediocre, the Cherry on Top

  17. Beth F Says:

    Mine’s up now — here.

  18. fuzzyface Says:

    Wow, so many good choices! My to be read pile has just gotten much longer! Here’s my list:

  19. Here’s my list!! Looking forward to checking out others’ too!

  20. hopeistheword Says:

    My second week to participate–here it is:

  21. Planet Books Says:

    Here’s my list! I’m glad this was the question for the week so I had to get my list completed and posted.

  22. Paula Says:

    My list is up this morning!

    and Happy New Year Everyone!

  23. Ahh, I, too, did this last weekend. This is the second, more germane part:

  24. Mo Says:

    I had to modify my answer a bit this week, ’cause I just posted my favorites from 08 YESTERDAY….but, I played, and my answers are here

    Happy Reading to you all!!

  25. JonJon Says:

    To all, happy BTT!
    Feel free to visit mine at

  26. JLS Hall Says:

    I’ve been meaning to do a post about this. Thanks for the nudge! Here’s my list:

  27. ~Kylee in CT Says:

    I wasn’t sure if you meant books that were released in 2008 or just read in 2008. I answered it both ways.

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  29. CoversGirl Says:

    I’d been meaning to write a post like this. My list is up here.

  30. Jan Says:

    This is fun. I’m interested to see what other people’s favorites are. Here are mine:

  31. Megan Says:

    I concocted all of my favorite reads into my “reading honors,” so I’ll link that here! I think I came up with a reasonably diverse set of books . . .

  32. Ivy Says:

    I picked one for fiction and one for non-fiction

  33. Runa Says:

    My post is here

    (Books read, not published, in ’08)

  34. I’m glad this was the topic, I’ve been needing to do a year-end post and hadn’t yet.
    Here’s mine!

  35. mizb17 Says:

    I listed my Top 10s of 2008, with a brief blurb about each!


  36. Wanda Says:

    Happy New Year, everyone! Here are my best books from last year:

  37. trishtheconqueror Says:

    This is my first BTT post. My favorites are posted:

  38. Lisa Says:

    Great question I have been meaning to address. My BTT

  39. Sherrie Says:

    My list of my best books for 2008 is posted. If you want to take a look, just pop on over any time. Have a great week!!


  40. Jessica Slone Says:

    Happy Thursday everyone!

    My answer!

  41. Alice Teh Says:

    Happy BTT! And here’s mine (I almost forgot to post this although it’s up at my blog):

  42. bookfan Says:

    You can see my favorites here .

  43. Susan Says:

    Can’t wait to see what everyone else loved!

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  45. Monica Says:

    Oh Good! I already made my post for today *first* thing this morning, before the question came out! Luckily, it does answer today’s question.

    Here are my favorite reads from 2008:

    Happy Thursday Everyone!

  46. gigidiaz Says:

    I hope to find some good book suggestions here today! Here are mine!

  47. Carol Says:

    My post is up. Happy BTT

  48. Matthew Says:

    I posted my Year in Review post on New year’s Eve. I pick the Best Fiction of 2008, Best Backlist Fiction, and more.

    Happy BTT everyone! :)

  49. Mish Says:

    On New Year’s Eve, I did a post that fits this. Here’s the link:

    Happy reading!

  50. mervih Says:

    Here’s my list which I did a bit earlier:

  51. Sarah Says:

    I didn’t know whether it was books that you read in 2008 or were published in 2008, so I did books published in 2008 because the other one would have been too hard to answer!

  52. Shauna Says:

    Finally got my post finished. You can find it here at Reading and Ruminations.

  53. Meghan Says:

    Here’s my list. I’m afraid it’s a repost, but I don’t have time to think of something more creative right now!

  54. incoherent Says:

    Okay wait the URL might not have been propagated yet so you can check out my answer here:

  55. drey Says:

    Here’s my 2008 fav. Yes, there was only one stand-out. More would’ve involved digging thru my brain – when did I read that one? Or that? Or that? You see the dilemma… =P Anyway, my BTT post is here.

  56. D Dubs Says:

    I went through my list of all the books I read and came up with my top 11. You can read them in the link below. Thanks!

  57. Jenn Says:

    I must be psychic. I posted my favorite books from 08 yesterday :)

  58. Ophelia Says:

    Finally got my BTT up! I wrote up two lists: one for my favorite fiction and another for my favorite non-fiction.

    Blog entry here:

  59. --Deb Says:

    I really should have posted mine earlier! It’s not like I didn’t have this handy post already written…

  60. Deb Says:

    Mine’s up…a little late today.

    Looking forward to finding many good recommendations this week from all of you!

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  62. Shannon H. Says:

    “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown
    “Rules of Prey” by John Sandford
    “The Good Guy” by Dean Koontz

  63. Joseph Says:

    Thank you for the question. After posting my answer, I can now go see what everyone else said!

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  65. MissMeliss Says:

    Late, but with no less appreciation for this meme:

    My list is here.

  66. Special K Says:

    Ah, my top five are posted here (quick #1: Brief, Wondrous…)

  67. jocelyn Says:

    I’ve already done a best-of post, but I decided to elaborate a little about my love for some of the books on my list at

  68. Nicole Says:

    Just got home from work so I’m very late!

  69. LoriG Says:

    Better late than never. I am really looking forward to seeing the other best of lists.

  70. Vega Says:

    Eeep, rather late! Here is the roundup for 2008!

  71. Florinda Says:

    Booking Through Thursday on Friday. I’d already done a post on this, but I added a few things for BTT :-).

  72. Josette Says:

    Hi there, here is mine!

  73. Li Says:

    A wee bit late but here’s my response! :)

  74. Elsi Says:

    I posted The Best Books of 2008, including not only the best books I read but also those books that I particularly enjoyed that don’t qualify as “bests”

    To see what was in the running, check out all the books I read in 2008.

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