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Totally Off-Topic, But…. December 16, 2007

Filed under: Off-Topic — --Deb @ 4:02 pm

Hey folks–I know it has nothing to do with books or reading–but if you’re even remotely a “crafty” kind of person, would you be willing to do me a favor and come take a survey about online knitting lessons? It would be greatly appreciated. As added incentive, if you complete the survey, your name will be automatically entered in a raffle.

Click Here to take the survey

Thanks, everyone! And extra thanks if you help spread the word, too–the more responses the better!

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One Response to “Totally Off-Topic, But….”

  1. Brad K Says:

    I hope beading counts as ‘crafty’ .. ?

    The survey was a bit awkward – several table questions seemed to ask the same thing – I didn’t always get the distinction between them. Plus a number of the questions need ‘don’t know/not interested/doesn’t apply’ kinds of options.

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